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The Malecón Bar is website is being absorbed by

The Milton Rum Distillery!

As of today, our neat little slice of cuban paradise is officially becoming part of the distillery! We will be hosting different kinds of wonderful rum seminars, booking functions, and of course be open for game nights! You can still get all the information, book functions and enjoy all The Malecón Bar has to offer, but head over to our new page. Contact us through

See you for a rumbo soon!



A Slice of Havana, Nestled in a Rum Distillery..

The promenade and sea defence of Havana, Cuba is the Malecón.

Its bow stretches 7 kilometres along the coastline, protecting the old city centre and has long been an informal meeting place for all types of patrons. Young and old, singles and couples and all in between. Here, you stretch your legs, dance, talk, and imbibe without fear of flood.

Here, everyone feels they belong.

Our little Malecón, which protects our punters from the flood line, serves the same purpose. Everyone belongs.

Imbibe, be merry, be musical and enjoy our rum wall, which we like to think is our Malecón,

against the raging Queensland weather.

Inspired by 1930's Cuba, and home to The Milton Rum Distillery, there is always something to

admire in it's design, and its service.

We specialise in functions, cellar door events and of course open for game day..

Check our socials for all the upcoming events!

Caroni Trinidad Rum The Malecón Bar

The Rum

A world of Rum...

Our backbar features rare and unique rum from around the world, but we specialise in what we make on site, Milton Rum.

Our experienced team will take you through our collection and find a rum for you to enjoy. All while you take in the vibe at The Malecón Bar,

and we will always try our best to take you on a journey through rum, rather than a delivery of a drink.